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Slow Cooker Overnight Brown Rice Porridge

Such a year, so many changes and adaptations.  Our family has moved back to our beloved town of Ramat Beit Shemesh, Israel.  Amidst a heartrending few months of sky-high emotional turmoil and loss (another post, for another time), I can say that I am the happiest I have ever been.  I found Yoga again: Iyengar and… Continue reading Slow Cooker Overnight Brown Rice Porridge

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Where have you been? And gluten free vegan bread (what else?)

Recently my good friend Tziporah decided to stop by.  She lives in my neighborhood but with kids and work its difficult to catch up sometimes.  She, with her wisdom and gift for insight, inspired me to continue writing even when its hard.  And ladies and gentleman, it is hard around here. Where have I been?  I have two kids… Continue reading Where have you been? And gluten free vegan bread (what else?)

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I Guess You Can Say it’s Lemon Sorbet

I’m a lemon freak. Always have been. I use lemon scented lotion, get lemon chicken from Chinese take-out, would love nothing more than a lemon curd filled birthday cake, and have, for years, been looking for the lemon sherbet recipe of my dreams. Sherbet? I thought this was a recipe for Sorbet. What’s the difference?… Continue reading I Guess You Can Say it’s Lemon Sorbet

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Avocado Bread

When the Jews were in Egypt, they decided to send 12 spies into the land of Israel to see if it was hospitable. Upon returning, the spies told tales of a giant’s world- filled with massive people and huge grapes. While they were disconcerted, I’m delighted with what I’ve found. If you wander through the… Continue reading Avocado Bread