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Since I’ve Been Gone

1. Have baby Check! 2. Realize that having two children within 15 months of each other is similar to having twins.  Mothers of twins would probably disagree but are welcome to come babysit to see for themselves. Check! 3. Travel 6,000 miles to the coldest place on Planet Earth with said children for the new… Continue reading Since I’ve Been Gone

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A Home of Our Own

I have always dreamed of calling a little piece of land my own. For as long as I can remember, I have imagined a small stone cottage with a vegetable patch, a tree for swinging, and a flower lined path. Now that we live in Israel my dream hasn’t disappeared, but reality has set in.… Continue reading A Home of Our Own

About Me

Lessons in Learning

With all this talk of going back to work and school, it seems like fate has finally stepped in and forced me out of this comfortable nest I’ve made. Documents pending, I should start intensive Hebrew classes in March. Built on complete immersion, this type of language learning has proven effective for many immigrants, and… Continue reading Lessons in Learning