Meet Katie

Hey there!

After growing up in the Midwest all my life, I up and moved to Israel and married an ex-kibbutznik (^See handsome man above^). I bake excessively and walk around pushing a stroller with a chubby baby, wondering how the heck I turned in to a Mom all of a sudden. We have an estranged cat named Panda who lives on a kibbutz in the desert. My baby boy is nicknamed A.J. which drives my husband up the wall.

Here you’ll find recipes, tried and true, from my kitchen. I believe that cooking would never have evolved from potatoes in a pot (which I think regardless of their simplicity are delicious) if generations over time chose not to share recipes. Food should have a history, and I like to learn everything about it. To me, the process of cooking and baking is even more enjoyable than the end product, and I love nothing more than working at a recipe until it is perfect, and then serving it to my family and friends.

You will also be able to find a lot of recipes that are vegan, or at least dairy-free. Because of the Jewish law of Kashrut (involving the separation of meat and milk), with a few exceptions, most of my desserts and baked goods are Parve.

You can also see articles on tips and how-tos. I never considered myself a particularly handy person. But when I moved to Israel, got married, and got a budget, I found myself searching for ways to do things the old-fashioned way. Some are “green”, some are just cheap, but most involve only a little extra effort with a big pay-off.


3 thoughts on “Meet Katie

  1. Hi Katie,
    First off, Mazal tov!
    I’d like to speak with you about reviewing an upcoming cookbook, but can’t find an email address or contact form on your site. Could you email me at artscroll (at) pixelpointpress (dot) com so I can give you the details?
    Kelli Brown

  2. Katie! Okay, going on my first trip to Israel this week. I saw a cold dessert on a television program, and cannot remember if it was a Jewish or Arabic thing. The host bought it in an ice cream type store, and it looked like a cross between bubble gum and ice cream, and was cold and stringy. I must have. MUST! Do you have any idea what it might be. If I go around Tel Aviv asking, they are going to be like, “get away”… Thanks, Lisa

    1. Lisa! I’m so sorry its taken me such a long time to respond. I hope that your trip went swimmingly (or if you are still here, Hi! It’s cold today, don’t forget a coat!) I think what you are describing is Halvah or a sweetened tahini dessert type treat. Let me know if you found it! 🙂

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