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Since I’ve Been Gone

1. Have baby


2. Realize that having two children within 15 months of each other is similar to having twins.  Mothers of twins would probably disagree but are welcome to come babysit to see for themselves.


3. Travel 6,000 miles to the coldest place on Planet Earth with said children for the new few months without husband.


4. Cry tears of sadness that I haven’t had time to write a blog post in months.  Turn that frown upside down and write said blog post.  Cry tears of happiness. 


It’s time for a comeback.


7 thoughts on “Since I’ve Been Gone

  1. mazel tov! And yes, I think a 15-month gap is pretty taxing at the beginning. I have a couple of friends/neighbors who did it, and it made me really appreciate my 20-month gap between kids. However, it’s an instant playmate for your kids, which is GREAT when they get a little bigger.

    Feel good! Come to Baltimore for a visist? hahahahaha, yeah, I wish

  2. Welcome back! Great job on the little one, she looks like a sweet little nosh!

    I had my first two just under 13 month apart. You have a tough road ahead, but I’m proof you can survive it.

  3. mazal tov!
    15 months may be harder in some senses then twins bc the 15 month has different needs.
    may hashem give you strength!

  4. Mazal tov! As a mother of twins, I can assure you that irish twins looks a lot harder. But as a mother of three closely-in-age preschoolers, I can tell you that they are all good friends and it’s really cute.

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