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Time has flown by. A mere 2 weeks have passed since I started Hebrew Ulpan and I’m shocked at what I’ve accomplished. Within days I could read and write. I can form complex sentences and have started to understand when people address with me questions- I’ve even become an expert eavesdropper. Who knew I would love to study so much?

I regret, however, that everything else in my life has fallen to the wayside. My laundry pile is 9 feet high. My husband has to do sinks worth of dishes after working for 12 hours. And my Baby? He’s walking and talking already.

That’s a joke. But he is drinking out of a cup like a grown up. If grown ups drank out of sippy cups. And dribbled a lot.

Coming up this week: The Best Chili in the World (and it might even get you a little tipsy!)

With my love and devotion,


2 thoughts on “Brainiac

    1. Right down the street from my apartment! Baby is in a small babysitting group with a few other little ones run by a friend of mine. Very happy to find someone I trust to watch him, and he has really enjoyed the company.

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