A Few of my Favorite Things


When I find something I like, be it a certain brand of clothes or a beauty product, I usually stock up and buy a bunch of whatever it is and save them, hidden in the back of a closet. That way in 6 months when I run out of said item or it wears out on me, I can stumble upon my stockpile and surprise myself with a treat. This is even more true while living in Israel because a lot of my favorite products are unavailable or hard to come by. My suitcase on the way home from the States starts to resemble a gypsy’s trunk, filled with anything from spices (Pumpkin Pie) to baby clothes to 12 different kinds of floss (Gil sure does love his floss).

On this trip home I wanted to pick up a small present for a good friend. She is always raving about Lush and their line of solid shampoos (solid products don’t need preservatives- a bit selling point for Lush).

I was wary about washing my hair with a bar of soap, but decided to give it a try. When I got to the store I was in a hurry so I told the first employee I saw that I needed their solid shampoo- STAT. She calmly asked what type of hair I had, and before I could explain that I was shopping for a friend, she asked if she could touch my hair and proceeded to do so. Stuttering, I blurted out,

“Um, well, see I’m an Orthodox Jew and for reasons I can’t really explain right now we cover our hair when we get married and see this isn’t my real hair this is a wig but my real hair is really long but I’m not even buying for myself, see, it’s for a friend…and..yeah.”

While slightly taken aback, to her credit, she charged on and found me the perfect solid shampoo for my lovely real hair. She chose Godiva for my hair type, a Jasmine scented soap bar filled with Shea and cocoa butters. And boy was I glad.

You rub it on your wet hair and it lathers like a dream. Your whole bathroom is filled with the light scent of Jasmine and I feel like I’ve been transported to a pool in the middle of a botanical garden. Honestly, I would wash my hair all day if it didn’t mean I would run out of this shampoo too quickly. See I didn’t listen to my gut instinct. I only bought ONE bar. I’m considering shipping a crate to Israel.

While I’ve only tried their shampoo, they have an entire line of conditioner, soap, bath bombs, perfume, skincare, and the list goes on. After becoming a Mom, I realized how important it is to take a few minutes to yourself every day (if you can!). That 15 minutes in the shower is often the only time that I am alone and can focus completely on my own thoughts. With my heavenly smelling shampoo and big pink loofah, I can pretend, just for a moment, that I’m having a Spa day. Until my baby shrieks and the hot water runs out and real life starts again!

Note: Lush has no clue who I am.

6 thoughts on “LUSH

  1. First off, Rivky, why have we never discussed Lush? That place is amazing and dangerous. Oh man, could I blow a lot of money in there. And I’ve totally pulled the wig thing on them too (were you at BPlace?). The salesguy was like, “that is a goooood wig. I can usually tell, but not with you!!” what a riot! Anytime you want me to ship some to you, just say the word.

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