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Any Old Tuesday

You know, I’m such a strange person. I woke up this morning to hear the wind howling out my window. I figured, it must be raining, what the perfect excuse to stay inside my apartment all day drinking warm drinks and eating cookies and thinking up recipes while watching my baby try to devour this huge plastic ball.

He genuinely thinks he can do it, that’s the funny part.

When I got up and opened the shutters to find a beautiful, sunny, cool morning, I was actually disappointed. What a freak. I guess I should probably go outside and enjoy this gorgeous day?

Another strange tidbit: my Mom lent me her small laptop on her last trip because it happened to coincide with Mac Crash 2010 (R.I.P. College computer. You and your rambling poetic contents will be missed). The opening screen and password are still hers- I don’t want to change it because then I wouldn’t be reminded of my Mama every time I open up my computer…

And strangest of all: I’m wearing a red t-shirt that says Chairman Meow, a gift from my brother. It has a picture of a cat, wearing a hat. Even stranger? My cat is really named Chairman Meow. He’s the biggest cat I’ve ever seen and Gil thinks he’s selfish.

And how does one sum up these things? I should put on some normal clothes, send my Mom a nice “love you Ma!” email, give this handsome devil a teething ring, and get me some of that sunshine!

Forever in your debt,


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