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To say that I have dropped off the face of the Earth would be inaccurate. I’m just in Cleveland.

It’s cold, it’s half covered in snow, it has a terrible reputation for being the worst and best sports city in the country, and it’s Home. I arrived over a week ago and have been hibernating ever since- stuffing my little face with food from Trader Joe’s and relishing in around the clock babysitting, I mean, enjoying my parent’s company…

Everyone talks about how strange it is to return to your childhood home after moving away. A stranger in your own house kind of thing. But I love driving through the Cuyahoga Valley on the way home from the airport. Passing the big pink Hotel at the edge of our street, pulling into the driveway, tires crunching over old snow. Our two dogs, Ambrocious and Clark W. Griswold, barrel out the dog door and bark with glee at our arrival. Once inside I turn on the tap to wash my hands and there, in an instant, is hot water. I fall asleep in my childhood home, knowing that my parents are in the next room, with my little baby boy snuggled up next to me. I know tomorrow we’ll wake up and have coffee in the living room, all of the animals lazing about and taking their midmorning nap.

It’s a short visit, only three weeks, but I’m going to relish every moment.

Coming soon- family recipes from the original McClusky kitchen!


7 thoughts on “Home

  1. So happy you’re home! Here is the Mushroom Soup we served here last weekend that your Mom and Dad required I post on your website. I made it with a little butter, easily substituted with vegetable/olive oil to make it vegan.

    serves 5

    1) 2 cups fancy mushrooms (I reconstituted a dried mix of mushrooms by rinsing, boiling for three minutes, then rinsing again)

    2) One large Onion, chopped

    3) 6 cloves garlic, sliced

    4) 1 C sherry

    5) 5 C mushroom or veggie stock (funghi bouillon is the best!)

    6) 2 cans cannelini/lima beans, rinsed

    7) 1 can butternut squash puree (can use chunks of fresh or frozen squash as well)

    8) Kale, sliced and rinsed

    9) Salt, pepper, thyme and a bay leaf.

    10) 2 tbsps flour

    11) 3 tbsps butter


    1) In a med-large soup pot/Dutch Oven, saute onions and garlic in olive oil. When transluscent (appx 4 min), add the mushrooms and cook appx 7-10 min, until browned and the moisture reduced. Remove from pan, set aside.

    2) Melt butter in same pan, add sherry and stir, then add flour to make a roux. Add mushroom mixture back in and thyme, stir to coat.

    3) Add stock, bay leaf, and squash, bring to boil.

    4) Once boiling, add beans and reduce heat. Salt and pepper as desired. Cook 15-20 min, stir in sliced kale a few minutes before serving. Serve with toasty french bread!

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