New Kosher by Design Cookbook Giveaway!

I was recently approached to review Susie Fishbein’s newest edition to the Kosher by Design cookbook empire: Kosher by Design: Teens and 20-Somethings: cooking for the new generation. Geared towards the “in between” crowd, this book has something for everyone. After receiving my copy in the mail, I eagerly flipped through the pages, looking for something that struck my eye. Fortunate for me, every page has a beautiful glossy image of a meal begging to be recreated (…and when all you have time to eat is muffins, this can be kind of like torture…)
As this edition is meant for new cooks, Susie has included a detailed and helpful introduction which includes safe food preparation skills, healthy tricks, and basic kitchen concepts that every chef should know. There were several little hints that I had never heard of, but might make a big difference in your kitchen. For example, Susie suggests putting a damp cloth under your mixing bowl to avoid slippage while stirring. This might seem simple and almost unnecessary, but as a cook with arthritis, sometimes it is difficult for me to hold on to the bowl steadily while beating something to a pulp. She also suggests separating ingredients in cupcake liners inside a muffin tin (something I would so never do, but it sure looks great in a picture!) for ease of preparation.
I knew I wanted to make a recipe from the book for Shabbat, so I went straight to the carnivorous section looking for a serious meal. Of course Gil picked the Sticky Orange Herb-Crusted Chicken (he loves anything with the words “sticky” and “chicken” in the title). He usually puts Sweet Chili Sauce, a tangy, red and slightly artificial dressing, on “anything that had a mother.” I always find that description chilling, and hence have made it my goal to make food so delicious he wouldn’t dream of dousing it in the stuff. This recipe calls for a basting of marmalade and Teriyaki sauce combined with a mixture of dried herbs, so it was quick to whip up. The final product made my kitchen smell sweet and fragrant and at dinner Gil didn’t even ASK for the Chili sauce.
As for the rest of KBD: Teens and 20-Somethings, I thoroughly plan on cooking almost everything in the book. My only qualm was that it seemed to be a strange mix of dishes for the younger generation, with some fancier options sprinkled in. I guess the title says it all, as there was definitely a wide range. I can’t imagine someone my age begging for Tatertot casserole, and I’m not sure a teenager would attempt an expensive and tricky dish like Mushroom Crusted Roast beef. Susie also shares some party ideas at the end of the book, complete with table setting and menu ideas for shin digs like Game night or Take me out to the Ballpark! At thirteen, I would have adored this concept. As a 20-Something, I might have been looking for something more sophisticated. But you can’t please everyone! I would recommend KBD: Teens and 20-Somethings for your budding high school chef or even a new college student with access to a dorm kitchen.
And it just so happens that I have a free copy of Kosher by Design: Teens and 20-Somethings to give away! All you’ve gots to do is be my friend. On Facebook! Just click Like, or you can subscribe to Midwest Mama (in Israel) by clicking Subscribe at the bottom of this here page. Just make sure to email me and let me know how you submitted. Deadline ends Monday November 8th at Midnight (Israel time of course). Check back soon for a Q&A with Suzy Fishbein herself and some seriously good looking recipes from the book. Winners announced next week!

Have you tried one of Susie’s recipes, but can’t seem to remember which book it came from? You’re in luck!
Click here for the free Kosher by Design recipe index!

Order your copy today at ArtScroll.com – enter the coupon code KBDBLOG at checkout to save 10% and receive free shipping in the continental U.S. Join us online to find more reviews and giveaway contests! Kosher by Design Teens & 20-Somethings: cooking for the next generation is aimed at the young and digital-savvy fast-food generation and those who cook for them. Susie Fishbein is an everyday cook who loves to share her passion for cooking and entertaining with friends and family. Her enthusiasm for food and entertaining led to the creation of her best-selling cookbook, Kosher by Design, published in 2003 by ArtScroll Shaar Press. For more recipes and updates, visit the Kosher by Design blog or connect on Facebook and Twitter.


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