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List of the Week

My baby is almost 6 weeks old. What does this mean? The following:

He is a cutie.

He is going through a growth spurt. This means he eats, all the time. On an average day I need to eat at least 300-500 more calories to keep up. I’m starving, and quite tired.

So what does my To-Do List look like for this week?

1. Since giving birth, I’ve attained a nice little belly pooch. Here is my solution.

2. Eat more food- not including cake or pretzels.

3. Write/Email back friends and well-wishers. If you are one of these friends, I’m sorry I’m a bum. As a new year’s resolution I am going to make an effort to respond promptly to emails and phone calls. This, for some reason, is especially difficult for me. I hope that it will let my friends know that they are a priority in my life.

4. Sleep. Forever.

5. Make a new friend. It gets lonely in this big ol’ house!

One thought on “List of the Week

  1. Oh, I can relate to #3 big time. If I didn’t have facebook, I would barely be in touch with my friends. Sometimes I’ll email or pick up the phone, but mostly it seems like too much effort (it’s not, I’ve just become complacent).

    Drink lots of water. Take your vitamins. And sleep will eventually come back. Well, until you have another baby, IY”H. mwa hahahaha

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