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Look What I Baked

I cooked up this little Bambino right in time for the Jewish New Year. Baby Boy Harris was born early this Thursday morning as the Jerusalem sunlight streamed in the open window, after days of labor. No seriously. Days. You know when people tell you their labor stories and you think secretly “Really? 45 hours? Ya right, I’m sure it just seemed long”? Just listen. And then give that person a hug. And bake them some cookies. Even if their child was born 20 years ago.

I had this grandiose plan to have an incredible, natural birth experience. I told everyone how dedicated I was to laboring without medication- I even made my husband promise that if I asked for drugs he should convince me that I really didn’t want them, or better yet, refuse to give them to me. Thank you, Husband. Thank you for not listening to me. Although I did end up taking pain medication during my birth, it was still the most beautiful, memorable experience of my life. One thing that I have learned is to allow yourself room for anything. Don’t guilt trip yourself if a situation doesn’t go exactly according to your master plan. Someone else has a real master plan, and that someone is a lot smarter than you.

Because it was Rosh Hashanah, I ended up staying in the hospital until late Saturday night, along with dozens of other women who gave birth over the holiday. As it was a religious hospital, almost everyone there was Orthodox Jewish, which made for an incredibly special weekend filled with festive meals, quiet, and even some singing. I was able to bond with my little boy and be taken care of by the warm staff of women. I had originally dreaded giving birth over the long holiday weekend, as I assumed there would be all sorts of complications with traveling, etc. But it turned out to be just perfect.

Now I’m going to go gush to myself over his huge baby feet and teeny baby nose.


9 thoughts on “Look What I Baked

    1. 🙂 I’m sorry we never caught up for coffee when I was home! But I feel like I am getting to know you more and more from reading your blog. You inspire me to write more posts because you are always updating. Give Little Man a big smooch and a cheesy puff from me please!

  1. Mazel Tov again, Chana! I too, was dedicated to giving birth without drugs, and I also decided it would be much nicer with them- too bad I asked for them too late! May a sweet new year be for you and your beautiful family!

  2. Just found your blog via your interview on Cooking Manager, and have immediately bookmarked it. Looks like you’re going to be a fun read, plus, you seem to be addicted to desserts, as I am.

    And mazal tov on the little nosh you cooked up for the chagim…

    1. Thanks! He is a little nosh and I keep trying to nibble him all day long. Those cheeks are too yummy! I am in fact addicted to desserts, but now that I’m not pregnant I have no excuse to be scarfing them. I think maybe I’ll stuff a pillow under my shirt and continue on…

  3. How wonderful, Katie, mazel tov!! he is a beautiful baby & no doubt soon will have a name..i remember those baby days as if yesterday. hope you are settling in smoothly, having cookies and cupcakes. wishing you a sweet and exciting new year. love to your family of three!

      1. Katie, i am biking around town, not painting but trying to set up a studio, and doing as much yoga as possible. i love the photo of your mom and baby; please tell your parents congratulations from me, on grandparenthood. and i love your writing. oh yes, and the black bean chili recipe is making me hungry…

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