Life in Israel

Kibbutz Ketura (Oasis in the Desert)

This is where it all started. And conveniently, where I hung out this weekend.

In 2007 when I arrived on Kibbutz as a budding new student of the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies, it was the dead of night. When I woke up the next morning and found myself in the most beautiful place on earth, it will suffice to say it was quite a shock. I obviously never got over it, and forced myself to marry the first Kibbutznik with a motorbike that I could find. Just kidding.

This weekend was relaxing- no- refreshing, as the Kibbutz is right in the middle of the Negev desert and it is hotter than a skillet on a stove top. Without the pool, most residents would not survive the summer, seeing that temperatures hover around 111 degrees F (44 C) on average. It’s cookin!

So even though it was only around 100 F this weekend, I took the opportunity to dip in this delicious water,

And show off my uber cute bathing suit that I wear for modesty purposes.

This is one of Sea Secret’s versions, mine is slightly different. I LOVE this suit. No more getting out of the pool feeling like everyone and their brother is staring at your tush. I look like I may or may not be one of those people who are allergic to sunlight, but I don’t care. Whatever affords me the ability to be comfortable in my own skin, and swim in the pool with everyone else when it is hot, is worth it to me. And a burlap sack just is not up to swimming safety standards.

If you are looking for an Israel getaway and don’t feel like toughing out the Eilat crowds and hotel prices, Kibbutz Ketura has a super nice (American standard) guest hotel and offers tours of their various agricultural and business endeavors, including regional tours. This place is my second home and I loves it. Oh ya, and I got to see this cutie:

Forgive the flash, but Panda Cat’s inner-light shines so bright, sometimes you gotta wear shades.

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