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Hello world!


My name is Katie (or Chana, depending if you wear Dockers and Polos or Peyos and a Kippah) and this is my blog, Midwest Mama (in Israel). I am an all-American, Midwest born and bred girl who found herself smack dab in the middle of Jerusalem. This blog chronicles my journey through an Orthodox conversion to Judaism, my marriage to one seriously cute Israeli Kibbutznik-turned-Yeshiva student, and my temporary turned permanent move to Israel. I bake excessively, love to write and hear stories, and at present date speak NO HEBREW. This could be interesting…

This is a picture from our 2nd wedding (yes, 2nd and most awkward wedding ever recorded in History. More on that later.)

Here you will find recipes, tips on Anglo-living in Jerusalem and Israel, natural, green (and cheap!) methods for raising a family on a small budget, and plenty of personal anecdotes on daily life in the Holiest city in the world.

Feel free to leave comments or links to your own blogs and websites, as I love to expand my already disproportionate daily online surf habits.

Lots of love,


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